Thursday, 21 October 2010

CIPD Mentoring Event - TONIGHT!

If you have read my previous posts you will know that tonight is the West London Branch of the CIPD’s ‘Turbo Charge through Tough Time with Mentoring’ – I know, the anticipation is getting too much for me too!

In light of yesterdays announcements by the government of widespread budget cuts, this event is quite apt. There would seem to be pretty uncertain times ahead for all in both the private and public sector so never could it be more vital to be able to draw upon the experiences and knowledge of a mentor to help make tough decisions in the months ahead.
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Does this guy need a mentor maybe?
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As I have mentioned previously John McGurk, L and D Advisor to the CIPD will be speaking at the event and there will be an opportunity to meet both mentors and mentess who have experienced the scheme previously. In short, as I have gone long on previous posts on this event (!), I think this is an event you cannot afford to miss!

As far as I can tell spaces are still available – please feel free to look at the CIPD website for further information. Either way I hope to see you there tonight for some inspiration in these tough times!

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