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CIPD Centre's Conference 2011: Keele's Most Thought Provoking Quotes

I came back from Keele and the CIPD's 2011 Centre's Conference at the end of last week. I had never been to a CIPD conference, or Keele for that matter, so it was something new in terms of travel and professional experiences from the off.
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Keele - a recent CIPD hotspot. Literally!
It also have some really interesting seminars and lectures for everyone present, a lot of it having to do with application of CIPD assessments for students and lecturers alike, with my interest being on the intermediate level information.

There was also a lot of talk about the HR Professional Map from the CIPD. And when I mean a lot of talk I mean a tsunami of feedback on it - not all positive but at least the CIPD were willing to consult and take it on board, no? (cue furrowed brows and shakes of the head from my audience)

Anyway, overall I enjoyed the sessions at the conference and there were some speakers who really got me going to scribble down what they were saying at different points. So here are my most thought provoking quotes from the sessions I attended - apologies in advance to the speakers if it is not verbatim, my mind and writing was playing catch up with all the good stuff you were saying :) :

"Getting learners to act as creators and co-creators of new sources of information is proving key... it generates artefacts which benefit their own learning, as well as being of use to their peers who follow in footsteps"
Dr Keith Smyth, Edinburgh Napier University

"How you leverage entrepreneurship in your staff and organisation and engage with it is key in the knowledge economy we live in... this spirit is a move away from the 'policy hugging' that can be seen in HR, but sometimes you need to step up, make a judgement call on an idea and see where it takes you"
Perry Timms, Big Lottery Fund

"Previously you would provide students with the information, set out the format, ask them to go away and learn it. Now we can see them coming forward much more as co-creators, having a hand in driving the process - what does this mean as our role as educators?"
Julia Fotheringham, Edinburgh Napier University

"Patrick! What are you doing here?!"
My former (and slightly surprised) CIPD lecturer from Croydon College

My lecturer's quote aside, the others came from seminars that had a social media spin to a lot of their content. I am not sure what that might say about either the conference content or my mindset in terms of what I found interesting but maybe a sign of some of the L and D avenues that are growth areas, or a flash in the pan? 

Either way hope they were as thought provoking as I suggested!
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