Why mentoring or Mullarkey?

Second one is quick – that’s my surname and I was going for a play on words. Hope you enjoyed it. If you are disappointed about a lack of a grammar error don’t worry I am sure you will find many more here.

Why mentoring? I was the beneficiary of an amazing mentoring partnership via the CIPD Mentoring scheme. It opened my eyes to the learning opportunities outside of my 9 to 5 and inspired me to launch this blog to see if I could put in to practice some of what I benefited from.

What are the benefits? Sharing knowledge, initiative and ideas in order to encourage original thinking and a spirit of initiative in what you and others do. The basis of much mentoring theory is that it is learner lead – you might approach a mentor with a question but through a variety of processes and approaches you will ‘help yourself’ so to speak.

So I am here as much as a ‘mentee’ and a learning capacity as the next person – the only difference is that I am posting on here to get things going but that is not to say you might have a better idea or solution than I do.

If so please share it and spread the wealth (of knowledge!).