Thursday, 5 August 2010

You say it best when you say nothing at all

Miscommunication can occur in so many different ways, with so much of our communication being non verbal. Go to any casino in Vegas and you will see whole tables of people keeping a grip on their ‘tells’ and what they might give away. If you need an example of how it can go wrong on a day to day professional level, ask Jackie Orme how she feels after being quango’d.

Going back to the non verbal means of communication and looking at this from an L and D perspective, how is this addressed in webinars?

I say this as someone who has yet to experience one, so apologies in advance if it is just my ignorance shining through! My understanding is that it is delivered via a link online to multiple users, with the trainer /module leader providing instructions and feeding back as the webinar develops.

There was a recent article in HR Zone suggesting this might be the wave of the future – but how does it function in a way that works and allows for free flowing communication?

My understanding of delivering a training session was that elements of the session would require you to ‘think on your feet’, reacting to how the session develops in order to facilitate the learning of the group - and yourself in doing so.

Is this perhaps a naïve vision and how does your experience of webinars fit in with the perceptions mentioned above? Is it the case that moves in L and D towards more remote learning are inevitable, especially in light of these lean economic times?

Or perhaps, in the words of the Springsteen, we need a little more of that human touch?

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