Tuesday, 14 September 2010

CIPD Mentoring Schemes - heroes wanted!

Ever wondered at times what benefits there are more benefits to be gained from your CIPD membership than you are getting at the moment? You have been to the branch events and seminars, picked up a brochure or two but have not really attended something that captured your imagination for the weeks and months after the event.

If this sounds like you, then I think you might be in luck. Across many regions of the CIPD branches operate mentoring schemes for members so that the experiences and knowledge of wise HR practitioners can be passed on in an informal basis to the next generation.

Although the new mentor was a whiz with teaching the crane kick, his expertise in ER was limited
Speaking from experience, I can honestly say you will find it hard to beat a scheme which is freeof charge yet can have massive benefits to your professional development, networking opportunities and having an impartial sounds board
Events are happening on a regular basis all over the UK but I would like to highlight that the West London branch of the CIPD has an event coming up on October 21st, “Turbo Charge through Tough Times with Mentoring”:


Details of the location and time of the event can be found on the site, with more information on the content to follow. What I am delighted to confirm is that we have John McGurk, Adviser to the CIPD on Learning and Development speaking at the event.

John is a terrific public speaker, specialising for the CIPD in all matters coaching, L and D, and research in knowledge economy issues. In short I think if we think he could make the event of real interest to both regular and new branch members, as well as those familiar with the scheme itself.

Referring to branches in general, they are always on the lookout for new mentees but especially mentors – so if you are a CIPD member and think you have something to offer why not get involved?

Luke had Obi Wan, Eminem had Dr Dre, Daniel La Russo had Mr Miyagi – surely the question should not be if you want to get involved in mentoring, but whether you can afford not to…?

Where is my local CIPD branch? Search here:


Interested in all CIPD things wild and wonderful in the West London area? Look no further:


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