Saturday, 2 October 2010

3 Weeks till you get turbo charged!

Leaves are turning brown on the trees, Christmas cards are going on sale and my summer exercise regime has totally lost its edge. With these events slowly creeping up on me can only mean one things - yes, that's right, 3 weeks until we all get turbo charged at the West London CIPD Mentoring event! 

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What? We were all on the same page in that regard no?!

I have mentioned about some of the events content in previous posts but just as a reminder Dr John McGurk, Learning and Development guru to the CIPD (no joke - he is a Dr so surely guru goes without saying right?)  

will be talking at the event and you will have an opportunity to register as a mentee/mentor, meet people who have used the scheme, eat pringles* etc.

Not sure whether this might be for you? Well the scheme is of use to HR practitioners across all different spectrums of the career ladder - have a look at the CIPD website if you are not convinced

Not got time for the link? Well think about whether you would be interested in a free service which could benefit your professional development, help accelerate elements of your career management, therefore making sure what you do during 35-40 hours of your week has more purpose to it.

Interested? We both knew you would be!

*confirmation of Pringles and related food stuff tbc.

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