Friday, 10 September 2010

“The name is Bon … Simon Le Bon”

Frustrating when you don’t get what you expect isn’t it? Which is why I ruefully laugh at the end of Duran Duran’s View to a Kill video and Le Bon comes out with that line.

The MI5 recruitment drive post Timothy Dalton was experiencing difficulties

But that is for deliberate amusement and to tie in with the promotion of the Bond movie franchise, title song, etc – but why do people apply the same principle to their careers?

I had a conversation recently with a recruiting manager who had a candidate who, although not necessarily ticking all the boxes in terms of the specification, had performed admirably in the interview. The manager could see they were applying in order to take on the challenge and progress up the career ladder. Effectively they had presented themselves as a forward thinking, ambitious individual who would fit in well with the culture of the organisation.

It would take something special for them not to get through and perform well at final interviews. Cue something special in the final interview segment where the candidate could ask the manager questions:

Manager: “Well it has been terrific meeting you, there will be a next stage and we will be in touch over the next week etc – are there any questions you might have for me?”

Applicant: “Yes actually there is. If I was to work here how would you feel if I was to ask you not to call me by my name?”

Manager: “Uhhh… you mean you would rather be referred to by your middle name or an abbreviated…“

Applicant: “No no – if I was to work here I would like to be referred to as (insert name as appropriate). Because when I walk through those doors I will be a different person”.

Manager: “You uh, you are a different what? Sorry I don’t follow, I…”

Applicant: “That’s ok (laughs before pausing for seriousness)– (insert name) is here now, and he will explain it to you…”

You can imagine the rest – the applicant would do whatever it takes to get the job done because once they walk through those doors they are a changed individual, and this person is all business and is the person you want on board to get things done etc etc.

I believe they are still waiting for the call back.

We all go to interviews wanting a job but both sides need to trust what is being presented. There might be an element of inflating the competencies and skills on your CV but you will have to justify and elaborate upon this at interview – the same applies to how you present yourself as an individual. So don’t feel obliged to conform to what you think they expect as it is a two way street – is it possible enjoy being something you are not for between 38-40 hours a week?


The outlook for work efficiency this week? Mixed, with inclement mood swings
Failing that, do employers look for and invest trust in people who are not who they say they are? It runs counter to the whole idea of trying to get people aligned with the values of the organisation and its goals.

Make the most of your skill sets, personality and temperament to present yourself as an asset to employers - but have belief in yourself that you can only be the best at being you.

Or alternatively get cracking on that alter ego - but make sure you update the movement list/office calendar so we all know to expect on Monday morning!

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