Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A slice of the big Apple

Following on from my post about missing (still cannot believe I am saying this) the CIPD due to the structure that it provided in terms of learning and development, I was pointed in the direction of a speech by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple to graduates at Stanford University.

If you have a spare ten/fifteen minutes I strongly recommended you watch this – you will need sound on your machine or headphones as I am not sure if watching him mime the speech will have any affect otherwise.

The general gist is to, as he put it, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ and not to become bogged down in narrow linear thinking in terms of your career, as well as life in general, and to try new and exciting things. I found it really uplifting stuff, especially when he speaks about his own childhood and educational experiences as a young adult. I loved how he said ‘how all of the dots eventually join together’ – so although you might think there is something you are doing at the moment which makes sense in your career, it could end up having productive uses at a later date.

In short everyday is a learning day I suppose – including weekends!

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