Friday, 2 July 2010

How do you replace the CIPD?

‘Missing the CIPD? Have you gone soft in the head?’

These were sympathetic words of a friend who was rather thrown by my explanation as to why I have been slightly wrestles recently. Well you would think I would be elated it is at a close but it seems that it is true that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

Although it was hard work at times and the final exams drinks were well deserved (and well drunk) I can honestly say that I feel as though there is a slight void from the absence of the regular study.

I wondered if this was the case with other HR practitioners. Having spoken to colleagues who have completed post graduate studies whilst also holding down a full time job, the consensus seems to be that although tough to juggle at times there does seem to be common feeling of post-study ‘come down’ – I can now read texts of my choosing and spend time reading on the latest developments in the field, but where is the feedback? Where is the examination?!

Perhaps that is what I have not understood - with a professional qualification the examination is applying day to day what you have learnt; the criteria being able to provide a service that meets the needs of your client groups?

I can agree with that – but what do I do with the spare 6-8 hours I have back with my week now?! If you have any original suggestions I am all ears - directly applicable to professional development or something more left field, which ever you think might help fill the void and regain a lost sense of purpose!

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