Tuesday, 25 January 2011

With dead man's shoes one size fits all

I met with a colleague recently who was having some thoughts about their career and used the phrase 'dead man's shoes' to describe their promotion prospects - no place to go in the organisation they are in, hoping for the person above to move on/get promoted/pass away.

Well you would like to think they would be hoping for two out of those three, but you catch my drift.

So what can you do in the meantime? Move with a purpose - make sure that you are working on the assumption that the next promotion is going to become available, either inside or outside your organisation, and think of what skills and experience you might need. The results could be two fold.

Firstly were you to apply for role elsewhere you are showing, at a minimum, a commitment to continuing your professional development -it shows this is not just a job for you, it really is your chosen career. A mindset like this and the good habits it creates will look after you acting as a psychic defence if you will.

The psychic should know...

Ring once for job security, promotion opportunities and a sense of well being in the context of self actualisation. Ring twice for Steve (found via Flickr)
Secondly you never know when that opportunity might occur where you are currently based- life has a funny way of throwing up instances where people are called up to take on more responsibility at the least notice. Would you not be kicking yourself if you were to miss out on something that would have been a shoe-in for you had you kept up the good habits mentioned above?

Seem an impossible prospect? Well check out the video below. Don't know about you but I really miss Behind the Music, and really enjoyed their profile of Metallica - though at points it is a bit Spinal Tap.

Fast forward to about 7 minutes in and then tell me that the roadie who stepped up for lead singer James Hetfield was not living the definition of dead man's shoes. Despite that, when the time  came, he was ready to help make sure the tour did not go off the rails - I bet you when it came to end of year bonuses he cleaned up!

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