Thursday, 23 September 2010

Talking bout my generation (and yours)

First Gen X, then Y - as the New York Times says, now we are all looking to be a part of Generation R!

 Apparently this is the group of workers who have been hard at it (work that is - get your mind out of the gutter!) during the recession, up-skilling and taking on lots of extra responsibility without the financial credit they feel they deserve. Yep, we all might have a chance to jump on to this one regardless of decade you were born, sector or industry your work in  - its just about how much of an eager beaver you have been during leaner times.

I find this concept difficult to come to terms with, as I think it is difficult to generalise people who are eager to learn as being worthy of a title, but I assume the key difference is the issue of reward and the context provide by the worst recession since the apocalypse. Perhaps an echo of some of the characteristics of Gen Y, after getting their personal development they now want you to show them the money!

 But is it possible to try and examine a group for any form of metrics or signs for future trends when their future are so closely intertwined with the wider economic environment - without wanting the reward due to the assumption of an upturn, what differentiates this group from the masses?
Having to take on the oragami function of the business was too much for this Gen R employee

Who knows, it could become a phrase that catches on like credit crunch, or wasssuuupppp (ok I am pushing it a little with a comparison on that last one). But what is we go in to a double dip in this recession? Do we become Gen RR, or perhaps Double R?

I am copyrighting Gen DDREGLFASS now just in case (Double Dip Recession Employed but Grateful yet Looking For Acknowledgement of Skills in Salary )
Is this the reality of Gen R?

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