Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Whats with that mentoring Mullarkey anyways?

This is a question which I wondered myself not so long ago.

In the first instance let me introduce myself. My name is Patrick Mullarkey and I am a HR practitioner whose role can best be described as ‘Generalist’ (what does that mean exactly? That I have to have a foot in every aspect of the field because I am not an expert in any specific area?!), the majority of my experience to date being in the not-for-profit sector. I wish to share the views and opinions of my peers, theorists of the subject area and reactions to changes as and when they occur in our industry. But why?

In the last year I was lucky to be assigned a mentor via my local CIPD branch and have found the experience hugely beneficial to my own professional development. It got me thinking- are there other ways I am be able to contact like minded people and share more ideas and approached? Surely there are other mentors and mentees wanting to share their opinions and analysis? Surely the internet is for more than downloading music and throwing sheep at people on Facebook? This blog is an attempt to see if all of these things are true.

I appreciate on some level I will have to instigate or prompt debate to get your attention- which has the danger of lending itself to hyperbole, which I will endeavour to avoid. Nevertheless. I hope through my style and wit that I will not only grab your attention but hold it.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what comes of my musings and look forward to someone telling me what HR generalists should be doing. Other than blogging.

All the best,


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